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Onbit Web Designs - Pricing

Basic website design

Your site will have a top or side navigation and an optional banner and/or footer.

Initial design layout of your site, customized the way you want. Includes home page.$189.00
Basic web page that includes your text and graphics placed as you want. Additional per page price.$24.00
Basic image gallery page.$54.00
Basic articles page.$44.00
Contact form that will send inquiries to your email with or without code validation image.$44.00

Basic website hosting

Every business should have it's own domain name to facilitate a web site and email that corresponds with that company. I can show you how to obtain your own domain and hosting, or I can do it for you; see pricing below.

Monthly hosting cost. Includes email and domain.$5.95
Yearly domain registration cost.$15.95

Website presence

Getting your business registered with search engines and listed with online directories is key to pointing your customers to your web site. I can show you how at no cost, or I can do it for you; see pricing below.

Register your site with top search engines. Each.$24.95
Adding your business to online directories. Each.$7.95

Emergency Services and Local Governments (US)

Informed community

Being the go-to online resource for your municipality is critical to engaging your community. With scarce resources and increasing expectations from citizens, let Onbit Web Designs be your experts in local government with our custom built, user-friendly, content management system, leveraging data and social media to streamline the web experience.

Content Management System

  • Custom Design
  • Unlimited Dynamic Pages
  • User Management
  • Files and Images
  • News Alerts
  • Tech Support

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