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Why you need a web site for your business

The primary purpose of a business website is to get your company discovered by those who are interested in what you have to offer. To do this, the website must be locatable, easy to navigate, and present the purpose of your business in a clear non-cluttered format that will allow your audience to quickly find what they are looking for.

The majority of people today looking for products or services do so online. Not having an online presence excludes your business from those looking for what you have to offer. Having a business website demonstrates to prospective customers that you are legitimate, and professional, while providing an opportunity to learn about your company.

Electronic Advertising

The Internet is the great electronic frontier, consisting of millions of private and public networks. These networks connect academic, business, and government devices, and computers together, granting access to knowledge, information, products, and services. Taking advantage of this medium to promote your business is an important benefit for anyone looking to advertise to the world at a cost that is less than other marketing methods.

There are millions of websites on the Internet and many of them are very useful and efficient, and yet, there are even more that are very hard to read, cluttered, have awkward navigation or too much useless information. Not much of a big deal, if the site is more or less personal in nature. I get frustrated with company sites that use too much graphics or bells and whistles in the form of flash, or the content is haphazardly incongruent and difficult to use. I usually wind up wasting a lot of time with these types of websites. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with graphics, icons, or flash if used properly and with taste. Care must be taken to assure that search engines can still catalog your web pages for relevant information so you can be found by your audience.

Hiring a website designer/developer with the necessary skills in web design, development and SEO implementation will save a lot of aggravation, time and money.

Full-Service Web Solutions

Onbit Web Designs provides affordable website design, development, and search engine optimization for small businesses and local governments (US). If you have considered a web site, and are still unsure it will be beneficial for your business, then your competition that has already implemented theirs, is already ahead of you and reaping the benefit a website provides.

Choosing a web site designer developer is a crucial decision for any company looking to present their business to the online community, since a well designed website will bring you more business, and a poorly constructed one will drive customers away.

Let Onbit Web Designs help you tailor a website for your business. Whether you are looking to have a new website built or you already have one, and would like it updated, we can get you on track to getting an online presence that will drive customers to you.

Onbit Web Designs is your full-service web solution provider, whether you are looking for design & development, implementation or maintenance, or a combination thereof, we are well positioned to support your unique needs.

Onbit Web Designs conforms to W3C specifications for all of it's work done in HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP sources. In doing so, satisfies the technical aspect of SEO rankings along with making the site usable and maintainable.

Onbit Web Designs is a full stack web developer.
We support the following languages: Java, JavaScript, JSON, AJAX, C/C++, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS3, XML and CAP.
We additionally support various popular web frameworks depending on project need and complexity.

Website Hosting

Whether you have a domain or need one, let Onbit Web Designs help you to get your website hosted.

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